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Hockey, FIH Pro League, India vs China, Live: Scores level at 1-1 in second quarter

Q2 – India 1-1 China: Deepika goes for the shot, but it’s saved by a Chinese defender and the ball is cleared.

Q2 – India 1-1 China: Bichu's clearance is picked up by Nikki Pradhan who passes forward to Deepika and the counter-attack is on. Deepika does very well, dodging past a few defenders and is foulded to earn India a PC.

Q2 – India 1-1 China: Gu Bingfeng goes for the shot but Bichu Kharibam slaps the ball out of danger.

Q2 – India 1-1 China: China wins the first PC of the second quarter. The ball hits the foot of Nikki Pradhan.

Q2 – India 1-1 China: The hosts have started to take more charge of the ball over the past few minutes, but again, no great chances created despite a few forays into the opposition circle.

Q2 – India 1-1 China: And just like that, Udita Duhan is shown a green card.

Q2 – India 1-1 China:

China has had more of the possession in the first five minutes of the second quarter, though no great chances created. Credit goes to the Indian defence that has stayed calm and disciplined.