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Amrita College suicide: Evidence of Lectures meeting with Victim, cops get hands on footage

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03rd December, 2019 15:18 IST

No charge sheet has been filed yet with over a month since Sri Harsha committed suicide at Amrita School of Engineering premises in Bengaluru on October 21.

Father of Sri Harsha still awaits justice for his son who took the extreme step yet the Parappana Agrahara Police, investigating the case claim to file a charge sheet within the next two weeks, TNM reports.

“I have my suspicions on the college. When the college reopened on November 18, they (administration) held a meeting with all parents. The parents were told that Harsha ended his life for personal reasons and that the college was not responsible. We have been waiting for weeks for some progress. We only want the investigation to happen in a fair manner,” Harsha’s father told TNM.

Investigating Harsha’s suicide case, officers rubbished reports of Harsha committing suicide to personal reasons.

The officers claimed that they have managed to acquire the CCTV footage of the proceedings of the Disciplinary Committee (DISCO) hearing at the college on the day of Harsha’s death.

Speaking to the news source, the investigating officials said Harsha was called into the DISCO meeting that was held on October 21 morning.

The lectures in the meeting allegedly informed Harsha that they had “proof that he had broken a CCTV camera in the college,” during the protests that took place on September 23.

“We can see the lecturers telling Harsha that several other witnesses had told them that he was the one who broke the CCTV camera. When they repeatedly kept telling him that he would be suspended, Harsha reiterated that he did not do it and that he had only clicked the picture of the broken camera and put it up on Snapchat,” IO said.

The IO further said the DISCO members forced him to accept that he broke the camera but when they could not get him to say it they allegedly began asking Harsha as to who broke the camera.

The footage gathered from the inside meeting room shows Sri Harsha had allegedly named a fellow student but maintained he is not sure of the name since they were only rumours about who vandalized the camera.

“The DICSO members finally made him write a statement to the effect that he had clicked the picture and that the other student had broken the camera. This was on the promise that he would not be suspended. But after Harsha signed the letter, they informed him that he would be suspended,” the IO said.

When the victim’s family asked why the accused in the case were not arrested, the cops replied it is not mandatory to arrest accused in cases of abetment to suicide.

“The two cleaners of the college, who cleaned up the crime scene, told us that they were informed by their superiors to clean up. But they said that on the day Harsha died, there were too many people around the campus and in the hurry and panic, they can’t remember who told them to clean up. We have booked the college management for the destruction of evidence,” the investigating officer added.

The cops have got their hands on crucial evidence and are waiting to file the chargesheet after they get two eye witnesses statements – Harsha’s classmates – Sai Vardhan and Azmath’s statements who were busy with their exams.

The cops will now take the student’s statements on December 7 after which a chargesheet will be filed in the sessions court.

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