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Belgavi murder: Lover's family paid Rs 5 lakh to kill Arbaaz

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09th October, 2021 15:27 IST

Investigation into the gruesome and brutal murder of Karnataka based Muslim boy, Arbaaz Aftab, has revealed that he was killed by contract killers hired by his lover’s family for a sum of Rs 5 lakh. According to police sources, at least a sum of Rs 5 lakh has been paid by the parents of the girl for the murder but police statements indicate that the amount may have been more than the estimated.

Earlier, the Karnataka police had confirmed that the 24-year-old whose beheaded body was found on railway tracks in Belagavi on September 28, was killed by contract killers hired by the parents of his girlfriend as he refused to break up with her.

Arbaaz’s body was dumped at the railway track to make it look like murder but the postmortem revealed that his hands were tied and his neck was attacked.

According to the police, the woman’s family opposed the relationship and approached Maharaja Nagappa alias Pundalik Mutgekar, a member of the Sri Ram Sena Hindustan, an offshoot of the Sri Ram Sene, to kill Arbaaz.

The police have already arrested ten accused in connection with the case.

Among those who have been arrested are Pundalik; the woman’s father Eerappa Basavanne Kumbhar, her mother Susheela Kumbharl; the contract killers, who were identified as Maruti Pralhad Sugathe, Manjunatha Thukaram Gondali, Prashanth Kallappa Patil, Ganapathi Jnaneshwara Sugathe, Qutubuddin, Praveena Shankara and Shreedhara Mahadeva Doney.

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