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Be Assertive, Not Arrogant

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24th November, 2021 06:10 IST

In our different roles in the family and at work, we need to be assertive in order to influence people to get desirable results. Assertiveness helps us to politely state our opinions, respect others, be firm and be flexible to change. But if we do not take care, we can shift towards arrogance and look down upon others, to feel superior.

The reason behind this is our egoistic attitude born out of body consciousness. We tend to recognise our roles and relations with body- or material-conscious mindset of worldly positions and possessions, which, in turn, result in disharmony, discord and collateral damages at home and office.

The way out is non-violent, compassionate but assertive communication that can be made possible by developing soul-conscious vision, values and positive personality traits.

Assertive communication is a skill that one can master with practice. Choose fewer and right words to state your opinion. Be confident and respectful. Focus on achieving the goal rather than winning the conversation.

Detach from your point of view to see their perspective. Identify their concerns and address them. When they feel valued, they respect you and become more receptive.

All these will hold good when we practice soul consciousness and godly remembrances with the help of spiritual wisdom and Rajyog meditation in daily life.


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