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Cosmic Perceptibility

The purest and most distilled consciousness doesn't differentiate between a living and non-living thing and intrinsically, relates to everything. This uber-consciousness goes beyond mere thankfulness or a higher sense of gratitude. This is what we call 'cosmic equipoise', 'nizaarat' in Arabic mysticism. The Buddha told his disciples never to show disrespect even to a stone, for that too has a level of consciousness and by respecting that, they (disciples) could evince their relatability to not only a stone but whatever they came across on the path of life's journey: 'Prastham unjhiyon virjit darpam' is the Pali sutra of Buddhism which states and urges one to connect even to a stone at its conscious level.

Every being, even an amoeba or a virus, has a level of consciousness, which we can't fathom because of the lack of magnanimity and mental depth.

'Even a so-called dead wood has a level of consciousness,' wrote Vachaspati Mishra in Vivadchintamani. The evolution process of human beings is never-ending. It has been going on and will continue to go on. We're still standing on the lowest rung of the ladder of human evolution.

To evolve is to become conscious and to have consciousness is to acquire profundity. The continuous awareness of one's evolution paves the way for super-consciousness and a sense of all-encompassing sensitivity. Sri Aurobindo called it Cosmic Perceptibility that pervades and permeates all creatures.