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Imbibe The True Meaning Of Vijay Dashami

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14th October, 2021 11:21 IST

Vijay Dashami, which takes place on the tenth day after the nine nights of Devi worship, symbolises victory of good over evil, of dharma over adharma. For that victory, we need God’s grace.

To bring God’s grace into our lives, we need to awaken the attitude of taking only what we need and giving back to society. If we fail to do that, no matter how much we may gain materially, the balance sheet of our life will show nothing but a huge loss. In the end, we will leave the body full of sorrow and disappointment. So, we must awaken the attitude of seeing God in all and compassionately serving others.

For example, once a mother went to the supermarket to buy groceries with her son and daughter. To keep them preoccupied, she gave them both a few rupees to be used however they liked. In this way, the mother knew they would keep busy and she would be able to do the household shopping in peace. The son immediately bought a chocolate bar and quickly sat down to eat it. The daughter thought for a bit and then bought a sapling to plant at home and a packet of biscuits. She then sat down next to her brother, who had already finished his chocolate bar, and shared her biscuits with him. The brother not only ate the biscuits his sister gave him but grabbed her share as well. Here, the daughter did her part for Nature, took care of her own needs, and fulfilled her duty to her sibling too This is the right attitude. However, currently most of us are living like the brother; all we know is how to take. We must think carefully and decide what we should do with this precious human birth with which we have been blessed.

During Navaratri, we are not only worshipping Devi but also all the insentient objects in the universe, viewing them all as divine. Stones, wood, pots, the plough, knives — even weapons — are reverently placed for worship. In fact, we should always maintain this outlook of viewing everything as divine. If we can do so, we will never be plagued by strife, war, and other forms of violence — not even by epidemics. In God’s creation, everything has a beneficial purpose. It is when we misuse objects that they bring destruction. For example, nuclear power can be used to help society by efficiently generating electricity. However, it can also be used to destroy entire nations. The freedom of choice — to engage in service or destruction — lies in each of our hands.

In order for all living beings to be able to coexist peacefully and for the world to progress in a healthy manner, it is crucial that each of us invoke and awaken the principle Vishvamatrtvam, Universal Motherhood. The awakening of that universal love, compassion and selflessness is the true meaning of Navaratri and Vijay Dashami. Love is the only lasting and imperishable power. Just as a mother looks after her children, may we be able to love Nature and each other, and forgive and forget their faults. May that patience and motherhood awaken in all of you and may that love flow out equally to everyone.


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