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Inching to the ultimate state of spiritualism

What is the ultimate state of spiritualism? A definitive answer can be envisaged as the convergence of the entire universe within oneself. We know this, but to realise it and be able to unfold the manifestation to another person is the eventual attainment of spiritualism. This is evident in the Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 11, where Krishn, in order to remove Arjun’s ignorance, unfurls his Vishwaroopa, the ultimate form. Similarly, in German writer Hemann Hesse’s work Siddhartha, when Govinda expresses his inability to understand the words of knowledge that Siddhartha tries to convey, the latter then commands Govinda to come closer and as he does, he visualises the entire universe in Siddhartha.

This is a mystery. How is it possible to reveal within a finite space, existence of the infinite? An often-cited example is that of the existence of a huge banyan tree embedded in its small seed. Time is a relative concept. What is seen at this moment or what will be seen in the future on Earth may have happened in the remote past; a star may have died millions of Earth years ago, but because of the distance, the light is reaching us today and will be doing so tomorrow, to create an impression of its existence in what is present and future for us on Earth.

Pray and meditate without any material objective, this is the essence of all preachings. The divine consciousness does not have to be told anything; as we connect ourselves to the Supreme, we evolve and gradually learn to dwell in that divinity always. The class of ‘nitya siddha’ remains always connected to the divinity. Individuals belonging to this class, even when they pursue certain daily paraphernalia, are always engrossed in deep contemplation. We as ordinary human beings can take them as our ideal, and initiate efforts.

There is suffering, death, loss, and misery in life. Yet, the beauty is that life gives us an opportunity to realise the ultimate. We may pray for scope and space in the midst of all the daily trifles, for being able to utilise the opportunity effectively. We may pray so that we become able to perceive the depth that is hidden behind the daily happenings. We may pray that we see no contraction but the great connectivity of events to the ultimate truth.

Texts like The Gita and Durga Saptashati claim that the manifestation of God on Earth is possible again and again. As per society’s requirements, divine souls incarnate to guide us from time to time. The Ultimate Architect is concerned for us.

But if life remains confined to the narrow lanes, where will be the space for the chariot of spiritualism to come near? In different human forms, divinity takes material manifestation in order to come close to us and speak loudly, the eternal mantra for the darshan of the universal form. That vision is the ultimate and final experience that helps the stream of life to merge with the ocean of eternity. Thereafter, as long as one is alive, it is the state of jivanmukta that one relishes, the ultimate joy, for which one has evolved from amoeba, gradually. After all, life is a temple, where we worship divinity and become a part of its vastness.