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Like love you like a child — Part 2

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Speaking Tree
22nd February, 2019 06:30 IST

Where are you, where are you 

In, the sun, the moon, the stars, the vast sky 
Holding spirituality illusioned crow flies
How can the tongue describe I,  He and you 
Deep dive in my own heart 
Sitting in a childlike smile are YOU

Read, read, read 
If reading could get you
Who is in me, who is in you 
Child in me knows not, who is who
O my lover my heart goes for You

Who cares you are here or there or not 
Your teachings and preachings that i have got
Loneliness brings sweet memories of our love 
When body, mind and I were not

Have I committed a crime
The world call me swine
That I have surrendered to You rather the shrine
Why ignorance engulfs their mind

I know that you only feed
Why do i still have a greed 
Endless desires not knowing the seed
How do I reach you
Before body dies and soul freed

Transcend the body
Make peace with this jumpy mind
Soak in fire of love
It's a bliss to be Divine.

How many more reasons 
And past many seasons 
When will the mind rest in peace To see it's own happiness in vision

With each moment past
I am walking towards the day
Life is taking breath away
Holding your Love in heart
Guess I have seen the Ray

— Anil Talwar  


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