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'No one's too young to meditate'

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03rd December, 2019 04:51 IST

In a reading session for children, writer-blogger Kena Shree introduced Om, a gnome, and his discovery of mindfulness when he is gifted a magic comb on his birthday. She read from Trishla Jain’s book ‘Om The Gnome’, illustrated by Tahira Powell and published by Puffin, one of the artist-author’s series of four picture books on mindfulness.

Om the gnome’s story shows no one’s too young to feel the power of meditation. Kena Shree’s lively reading of Om as three separate sounds Aaaa, Uuuu and Mmmm prepared children in the audience for the second part of the workshop — learning to chant Om with Acharya Surakshit Goswami. A houseful of parents and kids were all ears to the training as Goswami steered the audience to come together as one in the quiet hum of a collective Om.
















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