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Reiki: Gentle healing

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17th September, 2019 06:57 IST

Reiki requires no medicine or equipment. It is the teacher who performs a simple initiation, which connects the initiate to the abundant source of cosmic energy, enabling him to tune in. After this, the Reiki practitioner’s hands acquire the amazing capability to treat self and others.

It involves no meditation, concentration, breathing exercises or massage; the magic is in the hands. Reiki is the Japanese word for ‘spiritually guided energy’.

Once you are in tune, you can draw on the power any time, any place, even at midnight, to soothe your distressed child, or during a train journey. It is a useful complement in a personal wellness programme and can be used as a preventive tool. Stress reduction and relaxation is the first outcome. Reiki can heal animals, plants, seeds, food and water as well.

The ancient practice of Reiki wasn’t heard of again until a Japanese doctor, Mikao Usui, rediscovered it. Reiki does not seek to replace medicine; it merely helps the body to react quicker against a particular sickness and respond better to any treatment or therapy. The level of reality where Reiki operates is the underlying energy structure of matter, as the physical matter we see around us is a solidified form of energy.

Most of us have, at some time, sent out prayers like, “Get well soon”, “All the best for your exam” — these energies are feeble, but when combined with the Reiki technique, there is greater concentration and focus.

Energy levels increase and positive energy is directed towards achieving wellness.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author's own.

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