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Is Truth a Luxury?

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Speaking Tree
16th May, 2019 04:48 IST

Humanity has been in search of truth for centuries. With the invention of language, human beings could better communicate with one another. Language was an instrument to express emotions and to modify the behaviour of the other. It was the latter that inspired man to build perfect society.

Ideas got documented and ideals became ambition. When materialistic desires were fulfilled, man questioned: what is more that life has to offer? Spirit came into the picture and man started weaving a fabric of the unknown. One was trying to find a solution for suffering and wondered if one can end it permanently.

Philosophers proposed the idea of rebirth and reincarnation with past and future lives. In the absence of inadequate means to deal with the suffering of the real world, one ventured into the theory of karma. They talked of many births and carryover karma effects. Religion sought to create harmony out of the chaos.

The idea of Truth surfaced and the endless search for the eternal, perpetual, ultimate reality began. The innocent were the most vulnerable who flocked to the ‘enlightened’ who claimed that they had found a permanent solution to human problems. The gurus and the followers, together, are still travelling to experience the mirage in this desert of miseries.

Had this tremendous energy been invested in learning the skills to deal with suffering graciously, we might have built up a more tolerant society. Man is still struggling with issues like fear, anger, love, violence and so on. Truth remains a luxury.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author's own.

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