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You are complete and perfect in every way

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Here we are, the products, as it were, of this great creative activity of the immeasurable completeness and perfection of the Almighty, the Supreme Being. God is utter perfection, and everything that emanates from Him as His creation has also to be a perfection. An imperfect product does not come out of a perfect cause. Thus, the great, most venerable, infinite Eternal Being, to describe Whom as a perfection would be to say very little, has willed this universe, which also is a perfection. From poorn has come poorn. This poorn, which is the universe, has come from Poorn, the Supreme Being, and we are all a part of this Poorn, the universe. Therefore, we also are representations of that Poorn only, not fragments or shattered personalities.

All of us here, and everyone who is in any part of the world or in any other world, all these beings we call living or non-living, moving or non-moving, animate or inanimate, call them by any designation, are also perfections, poorn. Only poorn emanates from poorn, and therefore every one of you is also a poorn … None of us is a fragment. This is very important for us to remember. We are not incomplete in any way.

Many of us have distracted notions of our own selves – poor, illiterate ideas of our being nothings, nobodies, unfulfilled, incomplete and unfortunate. Nothing of the kind is the case with anyone or with anything because a wretched incomplete wreck cannot be manifest from a perfect being. And if you believe you have come from that One Being, you are not that which you imagine yourselves to be under a false notion of yourself in your artificial adjustments and accommodations with a phenomenon we call human society which, to repeat once again, is also, in its essentiality, a symbol of perfection itself.

The whole universe is a radiant manifestation of the Almighty’s perfection. Glory is the name of this world. ‘Yasya nama mahad yasah’, says the Svetasvatara Upanishad. The glory of God is also the glory of this world; it is also the glory of every one of us, every one of you. Each one, even in the littlest of the forms of manifestation, is a completion in itself. Even an atom is a complete manifestation, and is not a little part of something. You do not belong to anyone, and nothing belongs to you. The idea of something belonging to something else is the idea of subservience and fragmentation of personality. A thing that is complete cannot belong to something else, and if everything is complete, nothing can belong to anything. Neither can you belong to anything, nor can anything belong to you, because all these little manifestations of completion, perfection, poornta, belong to the eternal perfection which is the Supreme Being.

These ideas, these thoughts, these contemplations even for a few moments will charge your personality with such strength, energy, joy and satisfaction that you may not wish to even open your mouth. You will feel that everything is well.

Om purnam adah, purnam idam, purnat purnam udacyate;
purnasya purnam adaya purnam evavasisyate.

(Courtesy: The Divine Life Trust Society)


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