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Premier League has ability to help the EFL and they should, admits Gary Neville

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23rd May, 2020 16:24 IST
Gary Neville has confessed that he has called on the Premier League to try and solve the problems in the lower leagues as he believes they have the means to do that. Reports have indicated that the League One and below are safe until June 30 but a suspension beyond that will cause a serious crisis.

The coronavirus crisis has seen Premier League giants Manchester United lose £28 million although a large portion of that has been broadcasting income that the club will have to return. But the losses are widespread with every club in the English football pyramid and beyond effected by the pandemic. It has forced the Bundesliga to restart action and it has also seen the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A all look at potential dates for resumption of play. But in the English football pyramid, League Two sides have already voted to end their season early while League One sides have decided on an unweighted points-per-game solution.

League Two has decided on something similar but the worrying situation in the lower leagues has taken precedence with many on the verge of a financial crisis. It has seen co-owner of League Two side Salford City Gary Neville admit that the crisis is real and he has called upon the Premier League to help save the lower leagues. Neville also admitted that clubs will be “ok until June 30” with the real problem coming after that if the COVID-19 crisis persists. He also added that the top tier has the “ability” to help solve the crisis although he would accept help from the government.

"I said some months ago that unless some funds are put in place then we would start to see severe things happen at some clubs. My understanding is that clubs will be ok up until June 30. The real problem will come where clubs rely on season-ticket sales for next season. The real issue will come in July, August and September if this coronavirus crisis persists. The clubs will really suffer at his point. I don't believe it is a crisis for today, I believe it will come in a few months rather than a few weeks," Neville said, reported Sky Sports.

"I've always called on the Premier League to solve the crisis in lower leagues. l wouldn't call on the government to do that. I don't believe it's the government's responsibility to save football clubs. The government has far more pressing industries to focus on where millions of jobs are at risk. But if the Premier League aren't going to perform and do what l believe is their duty, and the government is happy to do some type of loan-based system, then I would support it in a hesitant manner. If that is the only solution l would take it because l don't want to see clubs going bust. I do believe the Premier League has the ability to do this. Football can sort itself out."

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