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Paul Pogba posts touching message after being racially abused

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Sports India Show
26th August, 2019 01:12 IST

Paul Pogba missed a penalty in their game against Wolves last weekend but in what is a harmless sporting mistake by Pogba, the Manchester United midfielder has been subjected to some vile racism on twitter after the miss.

Although a lot of Pogba’s teammates became vocal about the issue, Pogba himself took a stand against racism.

Posting from his Twitter account, Pogba said: “My ancestors and my parents suffered for my generation to be free today, to work, to take the bus, to play football.

“Racist insults are ignorance and can only make me stronger and motivate me to fight for the next generation.”

“Paul’s fine,” said Solskjaer. “Paul’s a strong character and it makes him stronger. I just cannot believe we still sit here in 2019 talking about these instances.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , spoke to the press regarding the issue after the 2-2 draw at Wolves.

“Social media is a place where, as Harry said, people can hide behind fake identities.

“I don’t think it’s down to me to change it but we’ve got to do something about it and the authorities have got to do something about these ones that spread this hate.

“You just feel sorry for them really. They must have problems themselves when they have to do this.”

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