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WWE reveals captain for Team RAW at Survivor Series

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09th November, 2019 11:27 IST

RAW, SmackDown, and NXT will collide at Survivor Series

At WWE Survivor Series 2019, five Superstars from each brand will compete in a 5-on-5-on-5 Triple Threat Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match, featuring wrestlers from RAW, SmackDown Live, and NXT. WWE has just announced that Seth Rollins will be the captain of Team RAW at the event.

NXT joins in on the fun

Survivor Series has been an annual staple in WWE for the past three decades or so, and has given us a long string of classic multi-man matches. For the past several years, Survivor Series has been the battleground for Interbrand wars between RAW and SmackDown Live. This year though, there's a major twist, as NXT has waged war on the main roster shows and will be a part of the event.

NXT invaded the post-Crown Jewel episode of SmackDown Live and Triple H declared war on RAW and SmackDown Live to end the show. As a result, we will get to witness a huge 15-Man Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match at the upcoming PPV. This will be a 5-on-5-on-5 Triple Threat contest, with each brand bringing in five of its very best performers into the mix.

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Seth Rollins named captain of Team RAW

After tonight's episode of SmackDown Live was done and dusted with, WWE made an announcement on its official website, stating that Rollins will be leading Team RAW at Survivor Series.

"The Beastslayer is attempting to move past the loss of his Universal Title at WWE  Crown Jewel and lead Raw to brand supremacy at Survivor Series.
"With  Survivor Series inching closer by the day, the rest of the Raw Superstars will be set on making an impression and earning the golden opportunity to join Rollins in the inter-brand battle."

The other four participants are yet to be announced for Team RAW, but WWE has confirmed that the names would be out by the end of the upcoming edition of RAW.

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