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WWE Rumors: Several independent promotions being approached to appear on the Network

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12th September, 2019 10:34 IST

Triple H and Vince McMahon

Recently, there were talks going on about a tiered WWE Network, possibly launching in January 2020. The company is reportedly reaching out to several indie promotions to see if they are interested in appearing on the WWE Network.

The evolution of Pro Wrestling content

Like all things, Pro Wrestling has evolved over the course of the past several decades. There was a time when shows used to be given on closed-circuit TV.

It would be a long time before fans got an unlimited amount of their wrestling fix in one place. On February 2014, WWE launched the WWE Network in the USA and the world of Pro Wrestling was never the same after that.

In his attempt to take over the entire wrestling market in North America, Vince McMahon had been buying off promotions and territories back in the 80s. He did the same with his arch-rival WCW in 2001, as well as ECW around the same time. This resulted in WWE getting the rights to an incredibly large library of classic wrestling footage.

The WWE Network is a vast library that gives fans access to matches, segments, PPVs, and original shows, all in the same place. It's like a Netflix for Pro Wrestling, and has helped WWE move ahead with the times and provide the fans with quality content on a regular basis, in the comfort of their homes.

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WWE in talks with various promotions

Amidst talks of a tiered WWE Network coming soon, PWInsider is now reporting that WWE has approached a string of indie promotions to enquire whether they would be interested in appearing on the WWE Network.

Mike Johnson has stated that he is expecting companies like EVOLVE, ICW, PROGRESS, and CHIKARA to become a part of the Network. It should be noted that EVOLVE formed a relationship with WWE back in 2015, which allows the latter to scout EVOLVE's talent to sign with its NXT brand, and eventually on the main roster.

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