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Botsa yet again commented over capital of AP

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Telugu Mirchi
07th September, 2019 15:13 IST

Minister Botsa Satyanarayana made sensational comments on Amaravati yet again. Talking to media in Tadepalli, he asked whether the previous government had issued a gazette notification that the capital of AP was Amaravati. Botsa said the capital had been made temporary, similar to the temporary structures at Amravati. Chandrababu was criticized for not making an address to the capital. Minister Botsa Satyanarayana also commented on Lokesh’s remarks that the Tughlaq regime is continuing in the state.

Botsa lamented that Tughlaq was Chandrababu hiself and he fled from Hyderabad to Amravati in a vote for note case. The government has implemented several welfare schemes during its 100-day rule. He said that the Jagan shows how to be a leader. Botsa questioned the Telugu Desam supporters going to the victims’ camps and who threatened to evict them. Is there anywhere in the media that the original TDPs have been expelled from Urls? He asked. Chandrababu has been criticized for making giggles with paid artists and paid workers., Botsa fumed over.

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