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I lost my good friend – PM Modi

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Telugu Mirchi
24th August, 2019 16:35 IST

Prime Minister Modi expressed grief over the death of former Union Minister Arun Jaitley. He expressed concern over the loss of a good friend. He said he feels honored to have been acquainted with Jaitley for decades. He is known for his foresight on issues and his grip on various issues. He said he lived a life of values and left behind a lot of sweet memories. Tweeted ‘We Miss Him’.

Modi said the BJP-Arun Jaitley is an inseparable affiliate. Jaitley said he fought as a student leader for democratic conservation during Emergency. He is the greatest leader of all time. In his long political career, he has worked as a minister for many sectors … and has done his best to improve the country’s economy. Jaitley said he has been working on improving trade ties with foreign countries, strengthening defense and making public-friendly laws.

Modi said Jaitley is a person with great sense of humor and charisma. He said he possesses a wealth of knowledge in Indian constitution, history, public policy and governance. He said his services to India were memorable.

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