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K Laxman fires on KCR !

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Telugu Mirchi
04th October, 2019 15:43 IST

Telangna BJP president Dr. K Laxman talking seriously. He has seriously misunderstood the idea of the two states’ chief ministers KCR and Jagan on the Godavari water evacuation scheme. He alleges that Srisailam’s water evacuation proposal was brought to the fore for the purpose of filling the pockets of contractors and securing crores of rupees.

The government is accusing of moving water from Potireddipadu. He asked. CM KCR has taken up the need to move water to Srisailam.Is it not against to it . He warned that the KCR had previously opposed the linking of the rivers and that it would now be a waste of money and the exploitation of the lakh crores of projects.

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