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Sadineni Yamini to join BJP ?

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Telugu Mirchi
07th November, 2019 16:38 IST

TDP’s young lady firebrand spokesperson Sadineni Yamini is all set to resign from the Telugu Desam Party. Yamini, who has been keeping away from the party activities for quite some time. Ever since the TDP faced its worst ever drubbing, the eyeball grabbing spokes person was not seen at the party office and did not hold forth with a mike as she was planning to quit the party, sources added.

It was rumoured that she would change the party in less than three months. But why didn’t she come out then. Now it seems, she had has resigned.

It is interesting to see which party Sadineni Yamini will join now. Will she go into BJP? Or will she join the YCP? The debate is on. However, Amravati media say, she is likely to go to BJP. In this context, it is also being heard that, she is joining BJP on 10th of this month.

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