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War of words between KCR and BJP

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Telugu Mirchi
19th May, 2020 23:01 IST

Telangana Chief Minister KCR has gone all out in attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and attacked Centre’s financial package for Corona pandemic as “Bogus”. Briefing the media over lockdown extension in Telangana last night, KCR told media persons on what Telangana cabinet has discussed on various prevailing issues including Centre’s package.

He said, “The Centre has the habit of dealing with the States with a condescending air. The States are not the Centre’s minions. They are also elected by the people. In fact, we have more responsibility for them than the Centre as we deal with them directly.” Dubbing the package as “jugglery of numbers” and “bogus”, Chandrasekhar Rao said, “The Centre has treated the States as though they are beggars. Is this the cooperative federalism professed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?”

Bharatiya Janata Party”s Telangana unit has termed as “highly objectionable” Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao”s attack on the stimulus package announced by the Centre.

Krishna Saagar Rao alleged that the Chief Minister had failed the state on the financial front with lack of fiscal discipline, open corruption and resource mismanagement. This irresponsible mismanagement has almost bankrupted the state, he alleged.

“To cover up his failure, CM KCR is blaming and attacking Central Government initiatives to revive nation”s economy after Corona lockdown,” he said.

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