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Will the congress party have permanent president

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Telugu Mirchi
09th October, 2019 19:43 IST

Prior to 2014, It was all Congress party which was in swing. After 2014, the party situation was reversed. After the party’s dismal defeat in the 2014 elections, there were changes in the leadership. Though made few changes ,never become fruitful. After the 2019 election, the party’s situation has become even worse. Rahul Gandhi resigned as president of Congress party.

His resignation was accepted amidst several dramatic developments. Sonia Gandhi has been appointed as interim president. She said he was only a temporary president. It is not even known whether they have an intention of electing a permanent president.

Elections to Maharashtra and Haryana will be held on October 21. Meanwhile, Salman Khurshid, senior party leader of the Congress, said that the delay in identifying the failures that resulted in the defeat of the party following the 2019 general elections has made the party’s survival questionable.

“We have not had a comprehensive investigation into why we lost the election,” he said. And how the Congress party reacts to this has to be seen .

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