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YS Viveka murdered – New reports creates volcanoes !

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Telugu Mirchi
15th March, 2019 16:58 IST

YS Vivekananda Reddy has been killed brutally. The postmaster report found this to be the murder. He was stabbed seven times over the different parts of the body. The thigh and arm also showed two injuries. There are two sharp injuries on the forehead, another injury behind the head.

Based on the Postmortem report, police will be investigating at brisk speed. The police also said that some clues were also found in the case.

On the other hand,Forensic experts from Kurnool will come to Pulivendula.

Earlier it was reported that Viveka died of heart attack. New report shows murder is creating volcanoes in the AP politics. Who has been murdered is now a debatable issue.

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