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KCR's stubborn attitude towards RTC

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Telugu Mirchi
09th October, 2019 15:47 IST

It has been four days since the start of the RTC strike in Telangana. The problem was compounded by the government and the RTC’s trade unions losing their grip. Since the strike began on the Dussehra holidays, there was no major trouble until the end of the festival, that is, today. Problems will start from tomorrow. Schools will be open from Thursday. All those who went to their hometowns for the Dussehra holiday are returning to the cities.

Against this backdrop, the government is making alternative arrangements so as not to disturb the people, but tomorrow’s key meetings will be held. RTC bosses will meet with government elders on Wednesday to discuss the situation. Already, depots-wise collectors have started meetings. JAC leaders will meet tomorrow to come up with a full strategy and work out their next strategy.

The issue of legal notices will be discussed between them. On the other hand, the Alliance leaders will meet tomorrow to discuss the situation, alleging that the government is adopting a stubborn attitude towards RTC workers.

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