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People questions KTR for going out to the public, why?

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Telugu Mirchi
13th May, 2020 10:15 IST

If someone needs to be threatened these days,does not require showing knife,gun or explosives . Just a cough or sneeze is enough to scare them out. These are Corona’s days and everyone need to be careful as well as responsible. Most importantly, leaders and especially people’s representatives need to be inspirational to the common people.

In a video that surfaced on social Media, Telangana IT Minister KTR is seen sneezing and coughing terribly in a public event. KTR continuously kept sneezing and was feeling dis comfortable with his health. He repeatedly kept wiping his nose with the pink cloth he had with him. This video is captured from the opening ceremony of public buildings at his own constituency, Sircilla.

Now many people in social media are criticizing KTR’s negligence. They questioned this Telangana minister about the emergency of his presence in the development works when he was suffering from the symptoms related to COVID-19.

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