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Kondagattu bus tragedy: death toll rises to 65 four months after the mishap

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09th January, 2019 14:30 IST

Four months after Kondagattu bus accident, a victim died in the hospital while undergoing treatment late on Monday.

Surakanti Haritha (35), who suffered serious head injuries in the accident was dead in her home in Jagitial. Haritha had been admitted to a private hospital in Hyderabad after the accident and later she was shifted to another hospital in Karimnagar.

Haritha was brought home a month ago where she was undergoing treatment. On Monday night, Haritha's health condition was deteriorated. With the death of Haritha, the death toll of Kondagattu accident rose to 65.

The accident occurred on September 11, when a TSRTC bus heading to Jagitial from Kondagattu fell into a gorge.

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