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Telangana Assembly Elections 2018: Joint Chief Election officer Amrapali says situation under control

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07th December, 2018 11:42 IST

Hyderabad : Telangana Elections started in 32,514 locations at 7 AM this morning. However, due to technical difficulties, the procedure was delayed in a couple of polling booths in the state. Voters have also said to have gone back home since the wait time and queue was very long.

In response to this, the Joint Chief Election Officer Ms. Amrapali said her team has a constant update on every polling booth through webcams and drone cameras. Every issue is being communicated and resolved proactively over phone calls.

On the issue of voting machines not working, she said, “The issues did occur in around 30-40 locations among a total of 32,514 locations which is a very small percentage. These are natural teething problems because the machines are sensitive and react differently to different temperature or lighting. Our teams have been on top of this and we are resolving them.”

The commision has arranged for ramps, pick up and drop facility for physically challenged voters. Security has been beefed up in sensitive areas like Kodangal and Old City. The situation seems to be under control at the moment.

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