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Defamation cases filed by opponents desperate to silence me: Rahul

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10th October, 2019 22:40 IST


Surat: Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi Thursday said criticism bodies of evidence documented against him were an endeavor by his politcal rivals edgy to quietness him.

Gandhi, who showed up under the watchful eye of an authoritative court here and argued not blameworthy in a criminal maligning body of evidence documented against him for his “for what reason do all hoodlums share the Modi surname” comments, made the charge in a tweet.

“I am in Surat today to show up in a criticism body of evidence recorded against me by my political rivals, urgent to quiet me. I am appreciative for the love and backing of the Congress laborers who have assembled here to express their solidarity with me,” Gandhi tweeted.

He showed up under the watchful eye of the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate B H Kapadia here and argued not blameworthy when asked by the court whether he acknowledge the charges, leveled against him by BJP official from Surat-West, Purnesh Modi.

After Gandhi’s request was recorded, his legal advisors moved an application looking for a perpetual exclusion from individual appearance in the following hearings. After Modi’s legal advisors brought up criticism regarding the exclusion supplication, the court said it will settle on the request on December 10.

The court said Gandhi isn’t required to stay present during the following hearing on that date.

During the last hearing in July, the court had allowed Gandhi exclusion from individual appearance for that meeting and fixed October 10 as the following date of hearing.

In his objection, the BJP administrator had claimed the Congress head had criticized the whole Modi people group with his comments, made during the Lok Sabha crusade this year.


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