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Further delayed, Bridge: Budhabalanga bridge

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The Viral
16th May, 2019 12:20 IST

Baripada: The development work of an extension crosswise over Budhabalanga at Baripada in Mayurbhanj is allegedly moving at a late pace in the midst of charges of unacceptable work. The task is being executed at an expense of Rs 27, 29, 80, 208.Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik established the framework stone of the extension October 26, 2016.Iron Triangle, a development firm, was granted its development work.A plaque set up by the open works division (PWD) uncovered that the work should finish by December 11, 2018. However, five months have gone since its due date and its work is not even close to completion.Locals additionally affirmed that nature of the scaffold development is being undermined by the agency.Meanwhile, an architect of the PWD, who is taking care of the development, has prescribed expansion of its due date to February 20, 2020. Due date expansion of this task has put a question mark on the aim of the division, local people pointed out.

Sources stated, just 40 percent of the work is finished. At the point when storm is only a couple of months away, conveying forward the work will be outlandish, local people included. It will create additional delay.During the rainstorm, the town faces floods each year without a dyke along the waterway bank. The old scaffold on the waterway is said to be feeble. Presently, the old scaffold endures the worst part of vehicular movement.During floods, it will bear further heaps of help and salvage task. Had the new scaffold been finished in time, it could have been an extraordinary help for inhabitants, said locals.As for claim of inadequate work, right hand engineer Rabinarayan Panda was asked by our journalist. Panda said that the development 292-meter long and 15.4-meter wide scaffold is underway.”Earlier, it was intended for 11 columns and later it was amended. The scaffold will ignore through nine columns,” he added.”40 percent of the extension work is finished. As the extension configuration was changed, there was delay. Broadening its due date was prescribed,” he said.

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