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Arbi Cutlet

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08th April, 2021 11:45 IST

Fond of cutlets and tikkis? What if we tell you that you can enjoy this snack even while fasting during Navratri! This vrat-friendly Arbi Cutlet recipe is made with arbi, chestnut flour, peanuts and some spices which makes it tasty yet healthy. These tikkis are pan-fried in just 2 spoons of oil which is ideal for all the health-conscious people out there. You can pair these cutlets with vrat-friendly mint chutney and enjoy the fasting season with some scrumptious snacks. Try this recipe this Navratri and enjoy it with your loved ones.


1/2 cup water chestnut flour

8 gm arbi (colocasia root)

1/2 cup crushed peanuts

2 tablespoon refined oil

1 teaspoon garlic paste

1 teaspoon ginger paste

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

2 tablespoon coriander leaves

0 salt as required

0 water as required

1/2 teaspoon coriander powder

How to make Arbi Cutlet

Step 1

Firstly peel the boiled arbi and mash them in a bowl.

Step 2

Now add chestnut flour, garlic paste, ginger paste, coriander powder, coriander leaves, salt and black pepper. Add water as per need and mix to form a dough. Add crushed penaut lastly and mix well.

Step 3

Grease your hands with some oil and prepare round tikkis with the dough.

Step 4

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan and add the cutlets to the pan. Cook from both sides until golden brown and crispy.

Step 5

Your Arbi Cutlets are ready to be served. Enjoy the vrat-friendly cutlets during Navratri, rate the recipe and let us know how it turned out to be.

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