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Beetroot and Amaranth Steak with Anardana Chutney

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13th April, 2019 11:21 IST

As the Navratri comes to an end, it’s time to adorn your table with a last big Navratri feast. Among the various vrat-friendly delicacies, this delectable Beetroot and Amaranth Steak with Anardana Chutney will become one of the stars of the day. Prepared using potatoes, beetroot, radish, amaranth, pomegranate seeds and a melange of spices, this snack recipe will entice your taste buds to the max. Loaded with the goodness of beetroot and pomegranate, this dish is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that help in lowering blood pressure, losing weight, improves stamina, and helps fight inflammation. With a great amount of dietary fiber this dish is not just lip-smacking, but also good for your health too! Other than Navratri, you can also serve this during lunch and dinner, or during kitty parties, potlucks, or get-togethers. Prepare this for your friends and family, and get ready to receive a shower of compliments for your culinary skills. The perfect amalgamation of spices will make everyone’s mouth water as they devour the dish in minutes. It’s ideal for people of all ages, so get your ingredients ready and follow us through this easy recipe. If you enjoy this recipe, you can also try our other recipes for Beetroot Chips, Beetroot Dip, Or Beetroot Pancakes. (Courtesy: Executive Chef Parth Bharti at Pikkle)


100 gm potato

150 gm beetroot

30 gm ginger

20 gm green chilli

50 gm lemon

50 ml yoghurt (curd)

20 gm amaranth

150 ml groundnut oil

50 gm mint leaves

80 gm radish

100 gm dried pomegranate seeds

0 salt as required

How to make Beetroot and Amaranth Steak with Anardana Chutney

Step 1

To prepare this delicious appetizer recipe, heat the groundnut oil in a non-stick pan over a medium flame and add ginger, chopped green chillies, grated beetroot. Saute them for a few minutes and then add salt as per your taste.

Step 2

Now, add the mashed potatoes and combine them with the beetroot mixture. Then, remove the mixture from the flame and allow it to cool down.

Step 3

Now, give it the shape of a steak and coat with amaranth seeds. Keep the prepare streak aside for a while.

Step 4

For the mint chutney, add mint, curd and lemon juice to a mixer and blend them into a smooth chutney consistency. Add salt per your taste.

Step 5

For anardana chutney, take a pan and add the dried pomegranate seeds (anardana), salt, ginger paste, and a little groundnut oil. Sauté them a bit and then add water so that anardanas are cooked properly.

Step 6

Once done, allow this mixture to cool down. Then, add them to a mixer and grind into a smooth paste. Take the grated radish and mix it with salt and lemon juice to make a salad.

Step 7

Heat a pan over a medium flame and add the steak shaped mixture and fry it till the amaranth turns golden.

Step 8

Lastly, take a serving platter and spread a layer of mint chutney on it. Then, place the steak over the layer of chutney and add the radish salad. Pour the anardana chutney over the salad and serve.

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