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Bread Custard Barfi

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05th November, 2019 19:22 IST

Barfi is a traditional sweet dish of Indian cuisine and is something that's prepared across the nation in various shapes, sizes and flavours. It is something that's prepared on special occasions and festivals, and Diwali is one of them! During Diwali, we prepare so many types of sweets, houses smell of sweet fragrances. Today I'm going to show you Very yummy and mouth-watering barfi recipe with the combination of custard powder and bread crumbs very easy-to-make and very delicious in taste. It's a must try dessert recipe on Diwali, so do try it!


500 ml milk

3 tablespoon custard powder

8 slices bread slices

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon green cardamom

3 tablespoon mixed dry fruits

1 tablespoon ghee

How to make Bread Custard Barfi

Step 1

To prepare this delicious dessert recipe, add some milk in a cup and add custard powder in it. Using a spoon, mix well.

Step 2

Next, remove the sides of each bread and grind the bread slices make fresh breadcrumbs.

Step 3

Now, add remaining milk in a pan and let it boil. When milk is starting to boil, add sugar, green cardamom powder and chopped dry fruits in the milk. Stir to mix well and then add breadcrumbs in the pan. Stir once again to mix well everything. After that, add custard powder mixture in the pan and stir continuously till it mixes well and no lumps remaining. Stir continuously and cook for another 15 minutes over low flame. Once the milk mixture is thick enough, turn off the flame. Your bread custard is ready for making barfis.

Step 4

Finally, grease a large plate with melted ghee and pour the mixture in it. Spread it slowly and add the remaining dry fruits on it. Keep this plate in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 hours to set the barfis. For best result, keep it overnight. Take out the plate once the mixture is set and then cut in cubes-shape like barfi. (Tip: You can cut the mixture in desired shapes and sizes.)

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