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China Grass Pudding

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04th July, 2019 15:14 IST

China Grass Pudding is a lip-smacking dessert recipe made using China grass or Agar Agar. China grass is a type of vegetable gelatin which is used to make things like jelly and puddings. To make this yummy dessert the agar agar is first added to boiling water and nicely boiled. Then it is added to the boiled mixture of milk, condensed milk and fresh cream to give the pudding that richness. You can add some fresh strawberry sauce or chocolate sauce on top of this pudding. This is a great dish for experimenting with your desserts on a day to basis. Even your kids will fall in love with this lovely pudding. You can also add some toasted dry fruits or nuts on top to give this creamy dessert a crunchy addition. You can surprise your loved ones with this scrumptious dessert. You can even make this tasty pudding for a kitty party, anniversary or pot luck. This pudding is a unique way of making of making puddings. So what are you looking for, just follow the simple steps given below and your China Grass pudding will be ready in no time.


30 gm agar agar

650 ml milk

400 ml condensed milk

200 ml fresh cream

1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

1 cup water

How to make China Grass Pudding

Step 1

To make this China Grass pudding, take a bowl and add water in it. In the water soak the china grass or agar agar for half an hour.

Step 2

Now take a pot or deep pan and pour milk, condensed milk and fresh cream in it. Boil these 3 together. Once done, keep them aside.

Step 3

Now take the soaked China grass and put them in a pot containing water. Boil the china grass and take them out once done. Then put the boiled china grass in the boiled milk mix.

Step 4

Put some vanilla essence in the mix and stir well. Now pour this mix in a tray and refrigerate for some time.

Step 5

Your China Grass Pudding is ready to be served!

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