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Dal Pandoli

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06th November, 2019 12:31 IST

Dal Pandoli is a Gujarati snack which is prepared using simple ingredients like spinach leaves, green moong dal, low-fat yoghurt, and asafoetida. This simple snack dish is similar to idli but is prepared by spooning a batter made of blended ingredients, on a muslin cloth which is tied over boiling water. This makes the dish light and healthy. Dal Pandoli is rich in fibre, proteins, micronutrients and iron and is low on calories. The addition of spinach gives this dish added health benefits and unique colour. Feel free to add any other vegetable of your choice. The simple snack makes for an ideal evening dish for the entire family. You can also serve Dal Pandoli as a starter at a kitty party, pot luck, game night and buffet. Prepare this quick dish to introduce diversity in your everyday meal. You can also pack these steamed cakes in lunch and grab its good taste as a quick in-between work bite. Serve this palatable snack recipe with a hot piping cup of tea and have a wonderful time relishing the flavours of this delicious recipe. Follow this step by step recipe to prepare Dal Pandoli in just 30 minutes.


1 cup green moong dal

1 cup spinach

4 tablespoon low fat yoghurt

2 teaspoon asafoetida

2 teaspoon fruit salt

0 salt as required

How to make Dal Pandoli

Step 1

To make this snack dish, first, wash dal until the water comes out clean. Soak it in a bowl of water for 3-4 hours. Once done, strain the dal of excess water. Meanwhile, chop the green chillies and spinach leaves.

Step 2

Now, in a blender, add curd, spinach, green chillies and strained dal with water. Blend to get a fine mixture. Transfer the mix in a bowl. Add asafoetida, salt and the prepared spinach-curd mixture in the bowl and mix well. Mix in fruit salt as well.

Step 3

Bring a deep cylindrical vessel and fill it half with water. Tie a muslin cloth over it and bring the water to a boil. One by one put a portion of batter (just like idli) on the cloth. Do not overcrowd, put only 4-5 portions at once. Place a lid on the vessel and steam the batter for 6-9 minutes.

Step 4

Once the first batch of pandolis is cooked, transfer them on a plate and repeat the process to make more pandolis. Serve the prepared pandolis immediately.

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