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Fruit Custard

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04th May, 2021 13:00 IST

A summer special delight- Custard is a super delicious fruit-based sweet dish that is perfect for every occasion. You can serve it as an after-meal dessert and it will be surely loved by people of all ages. Custard is also prepared for the auspicious festival of Eid. You can customize the recipe by adding fruits of your choice or by using jaggery instead of sugar. Add some heavy cream or ice cream if you want your custard thicker and creamier. Custard can be had both warm or cold, but it tastes the best when served chilled. So, try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be.


2 cup milk

2 tablespoon custard powder

4 tablespoon lukewarm milk

6 teaspoon brown sugar

1/4 cup pomegranate seeds

2 banana

1/4 cup black grapes

1 small mango

1 small apple

How to make Fruit Custard

Step 1

Firstly chop all the fruits into bite-sized pieces and keep them aside.

Step 2

Now add the milk to a pan and bring it to a boil. Meanwhile, mix 2 tbsp custard powder with 4 tbsp warm water to form a smooth paste. Add it to the milk and keep the flame medium. Stir well to ensure there isn't any lump formation.

Step 3

Add the sugar and mix well to dissolve it. Simmer for 6-8 minutes more. Once the custard turns thicker, then turn off the flame.

Step 4

Now add all the chopped fruits and mix lightly. Let the custard cool down a bit and then keep it in the fridge.

Step 5

Garnish with some more fruits of your choice and serve chilled. You can also add some ice cream to it in order to make the custard creamier.

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