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Kaju Modak

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11th September, 2019 14:25 IST

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates the arrival of Lord Ganesha in our homes. Along with it being an occasion for joy, celebration and festivity, Ganesh Chaturthi is also an occasion to indulge in the sweet savories like modaks. So we bring to you yet another rendition of the much loved sweet, Kaju Modak. A simple preparation using cashew nuts, sugar and water, this modak dish is definitely going to you set you apart from others. If you are bored of regular modaks or the regular variations of it try out this new and refreshing recipe, which will give a much needed break to your taste buds. Irrespective of whether the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching or not, you can serve this dish to your friends at any occasion like kitty party, birthday, anniversary or even after pujas. This recipe will definitely make you a celebrated chef in the eyes of your loved ones. This dish is a perfect way to feed your kids cashews which they would otherwise refuse to eat. Cashews contain a lot of good fat, which is known to help maintain a perfect heart health. Serve your family and friends the best of taste and the most of health with this sweet delight. Follow this easy, step by step recipe and amaze everyone with your out of the box culinary skills .(Recipe: Rajesh Yadav, Pastry Chef, Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport)


1 kilograms cashews

500 gm sugar

2 cup water

How to make Kaju Modak

Step 1

To start making these mouth-watering modaks, first soak cashew nuts in water for about an hour. After this grind them using a mixer to get a fine paste.

Step 2

Add sugar in water and bring it to boil to prepare sugar syrup. Next, heat a pan over slow flame and cook cashew nut paste and sugar syrup for 10 minutes. Keep aside and let the mixture cool down.

Step 3

Once the mixture is cooled down, transfer into modak shaped moulds. Keep the mixture in mould for 3-5 minutes. Take out the modaks once in shape.

Step 4

You will now have around 60 modaks. Allow them to settle at room temperature. Your delicious modaks are ready to be served.

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