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Mint Julep

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13th May, 2022 14:25 IST

Mint Julep is a rejuvenating cocktail made with whisky, citrus, and a copious amount of mint. The richness of the whisky blends deliciously with the ingredients adding a cooling effect and making it one of the refreshing drinks to enjoy during summers or throughout the year. The recipe for Mint Julep is simple, and it's super-easy to mix. This drink is a perfect comfort to your senses and can be indulged in after a tiring day or savoured on a relaxing summer weekend. (Recipe Courtesy: Deepak Sharma, Brand Ambassador & Mixologist, Highbury Classic Whisky)


60 ml scotch whiskey

10 ml lime juice

1 handful mint leaves

8 ice cubes

How to make Mint Julep

Step 1

Muddle the mint leaves gently in a tall glass and crush the ice cubes. Then, add the whisky and lime juice to it, and fill it with crushed ice.

Step 2

Stir well and garnish with a bunch of mint leaves.

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