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Raspberry Beer

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07th October, 2019 18:05 IST

What’s better than a chilled cocktail to relax on the weekend? This Raspberry Beer provides you with just the right amount of punch you need to rightfully unwind the whole week’s stress and tension. With lager beer and vodka as the base mixed with the correct amount of raspberry puree and sweet and sour sauce, this beverage recipe will surely leave its impression on taste buds forever. Prepare this enticing drink to enjoy a light evening with friends and family. Make every day a celebration with this drink and enjoy its goodness with your loved one. Try this sweet-sour delight this weekend and make sure to make space in your list of favourites because this cocktail will make its way there. We guarantee you will not be able to say no to such a palatable beverage. Serve this drink to your loved ones and be ready to be showered with endless compliments and praises upon you. Enjoy the spirit of life and say cheers with this scrumptious beverage. (Recipe: WITC, CP)


90 ml raspberry puree

15 ml vodka

20 gm sweet and sour sauce

120 ml beer

0 Himalyan salt as required

0 mint leaves as required

0 ice cubes as required

How to make Raspberry Beer

Step 1

Take a pitcher and add raspberry puree, vodka, lager beer along with the sweet and sour sauce. Stir to mix well and add crushed ice cubes to it. Stir once again.

Step 2

Your cocktail is ready to be served. Apply Himalayan salat on the rim of a snifter and pour the Raspberry Beer in it. Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy!

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