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Rose Faluda Mahalabia

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15th April, 2019 13:32 IST

A luscious dessert recipe, Rose Faluda Mahalabia is a fusion of rose falooda or faluda and Persian milk pudding, Mahalabia. Also known as Muhallebi, this milk pudding dates back to the Sasanian empire of Persia in the 3rd century. In this recipe, this Mahalabia is topped with rose falooda which makes it even more delicious. This easy-to-make dessert recipe can be prepared in just half an hour. All you need is some milk, rose falooda, fresh cream, corn flour, sugar, condensed milk and you are good to go. It is served in a glass and is also garnished with rose pista. You can garnish it with any nuts of your choice. Add this unique dessert recipe to your party menu next time you throw one and win the hearts of your guests. They will lose their minds over this sweet delicacy. Serve it at kitty parties, potlucks, and buffet and add a Persian touch to your food. It can also be your post-dinner dessert. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try this dessert now and enjoy it with your loved ones. (Recipe: Plaza Premium Lounge)


700 ml milk

300 gm fresh cream

200 gm sugar

50 gm corn flour

400 ml condensed milk

150 gm falooda

How to make Rose Faluda Mahalabia

Step 1

To prepare this delicious dessert recipe, take a large container with milk in it and add the condensed milk and sugar in it. Boil them over a medium flame. Once the milk is boiled, add corn flour to it.

Step 2

Take the serving glasses and pour the milk mixture in them. Then, add the fresh cream to the glasses and combine it with the milk mixture. Allow them to cool down for a while.

Step 3

Garnish with rose falooda and rose pista and serve.

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