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Steel Cut Oats Porridge

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14th September, 2021 08:17 IST

Need a super healthy recipe to kickstart your day with? Also called Irish oats or Scottish oats, steel cut oats are very different in appearance as compared to rolled oats. They look like small grains of rice or grain which are cut into pieces. Steel cut oats go through minimal processing and thus, contain more nutrients than any other oats variant. These oats take longer to cook and have a chewy texture. This oats porridge recipe is sweetened with powdered jaggery, which adds to the health quotient. You can even use honey, stevia or another healthy sweetener as per your taste. This recipe will become an instant hit among healthy freaks as it is a filling, fibre-rich breakfast option. If you are bored of the same rolled oats being served for breakfast, then you need to try this delicious recipe which is quite different from the regular oatmeal. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be. (image credits- istock)


1 cup oats

2 cup milk

2 green cardamom

0 powdered jaggery as required

1 banana

3 cup water

1 teaspoon ghee

How to make Steel Cut Oats Porridge

Step 1

Make sure you use steel cuts for this particular recipe. You can easily get steel cut oats online or in a supermarket. Start by heating ghee in a pan. Add the steel cut oats to it and gently roast for just a few minutes. Crush the green cardamom and add it to the oats while they are being roasted.

Step 2

Steel cut oats take more time to cook than rolled oats, that's why we need to pressure cook them. Add the roasted oats to a pressure cooker and add 2 cups of water to it. Cook on a medium flame for 20 minutes.

Step 3

Now open the lid of the cooker and place it on medium heat. Add 2 cups of milk, mix well and let it come to a boil. Now add powdered jaggery as per your taste and give a nice mix. Cook for 1-2 minutes more and turn off the flame.

Step 4

Pour the porridge in a bowl, garnish with chopped banana slices and serve.

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