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Festive exchanges to make Ganesh Chaturthi special

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14th September, 2021 18:49 IST

One of our favourite festivals is here and it is the time when people step out, meet friends and relatives and exchange gifts. So what is that one thing you want to carry with you when you are visiting a close family member, a friend or a relative? It is not Diwali or Christmas or Holi that you buy crackers, cakes or colours or a typical gift hamper. It is Ganesh Chaturthi and the gift has to be useful and well thought of. Here are some ideas that may help you make a decision.

Pooja items: Shiny brass items and silverware can serve as ideal gifting items. You can pick bells, diyas, plates and bowls for offering prasad and sacred symbols like Om and Swastik. They have a timeless significance and also find use in the celebrations.

Dried Fruits: Dry fruits and dried fruits never tend to go out of fashion when it comes to gifting. You may not choose the regular Kaju, Bandam-but can pick on some exotic varieties like macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, cranberries, blueberries, mulberry etc. All these can also be offered as prasad to Bappa.

Dairy products: Dairy products are Bappa's favourite. From good quality cow milk to butter and desi ghee- make a bouquet of organic dairy products as an ideal gift. They come handy in making prasad for Lord Ganesha. You can pick pure-cow ghee, milk and curd from Pride of Cows by Parag Milk Foods, which is available in Mumbai. Located in Manchar, close to Pune, the Pride of Cows dairy farm is spread over 26 acres, between the Bheema River and the Bheemeshwari hills. The farm uses international technology for feeding, milking and processing, conforming to international dairy practices. The products are pure, unadulterated and delicious.

Ice Cream: Mithai is cliche. It is an ideal time to indulge in some guilt-free ice cream and also share it with some near and dear ones. A good option that we can suggest for those based in Delhi can be Jaatre at Meharchand Market. These ice-creams are natural and vegetarian and are served in bio-degradable terracotta tubs and coconut bowls. The flavours are unique and tempting. Some must-try options include- Rose Strawberry, Palm Jaggery & Roasted Sesame, Black pepper Cardamom, Vanilla Blueberry & Chocolate Orange. The unique flavours will definitely add a special charm to the celebrations. The containers can later be used as small planters and do not add to the non-degradable pile, something to give you added satisfaction.

DIY Kits: Want to try something quirky and unique? Pick up a DIY Kit by Choco La. They have a whole new range of products that include DIY Chocolate Cake Mix, different flavours of Drinking Chocolate like-Dark, Classic, Coffee, Hazelnut, Butterscotch Crunchettes, Coffee Crunchettes, Cookie Mix and a lot more. These chocolate loaded goodies are definitely going to add charm to the festival celebrations. You can order a wide range of gifting options online.

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