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Palate Fest 2023: Day 1 of culinary extravaganza returns in grand style!

Today was the first day of Palate Fest, India's most renowned culinary extravaganza, which is back to the capital after over 4 years, with its latest edition, happening at the exciting heart of central Delhi - Major Dhyanchand National Stadium.

The highlight for the day was the panel discussion on Sacred food offerings in India: A culinary Tapestry of faith and culture by Chair Ms. V. Vidyavathi, Panelist Secretary Ministry of Tourism, Panelist Chef Manjit Gill- President IFCA, Dr. Pushpesh Pant- Eminent academic , food critic and historian, Ms. Raj Prity Sabharwal- founding member tagtaste, Ms. Gunjan Goela chef ,author, consultant, and Mr. Rifaquat Ali Khan moderator discussing customs and traditions related to prasadam.

The first day extravaganza was curated by a distinctive blend of well-established and emerging brands, all set within an environment that is both enjoyable and accessible. Visitors revisited and enjoyed their favorite restaurants and discovered new food outlets. The energizing performances by celebrities and renowned artists like Indian ocean, ,Salman & Zaman and Curly Harshit left the audiences mesmerized. There were also some fun food master classes led by Chef Nishant Choubey, Chef Rakhee Vasvani, Chef Dhruv Oberoi, Chef Gauri Varma, Chef Sherry Mehta to engage a diverse audience amongst many other exciting experiences. There was also a special dedicated Kids Zone, an Ice-Skating rink, a Gaming Truck and a range of entertainment activities for the young and young at heart.

Palate Fest holds the distinction of being one of India's first international level food festivals, originating in 2014 and growing into an annual multi-city event. This year it gives a unique and immersive experience that brings together a delightful medley of the best in food and beverage, celebrated chefs, diverse cuisines, talented artists, and passionate food enthusiasts for the whole family whatever your age. The event is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, G 20, Incredible India and Delhi Tourism. The fest was attended by mothers with their kids where kids enjoyed at kids zone.

Recognized and acclaimed as the best in South Asia, Palate Fest has focus on regional and local brands, has earned acclaim for its steadfast promotion of local and regional culinary excellence, spotlighting the rich tapestry of South Asian flavors and being the only multigenerational festival that is enjoyed by the whole family. This festival has not only delighted the taste buds of food enthusiasts but has also distinguished itself as a trailblazer in the media industry, garnering accolades for its innovative approach. In a notable achievement, Palate Fest received honors at the INMA Global Media Awards in 2018, underscoring its exceptional contributions to both the culinary and media landscapes. This prestigious recognition took the form of two distinguished awards, solidifying Palate Fest's status as a world-class event of paramount significance.

Ms. Aditi Kapoor, Co-Founder & Director at Palate Fest adds, ‘We are amazed to see the excitement on the very first day of the event and looking forward to the next day along with diversity of food stalls, with both renowned and new brands. We have got a great response and enjoyment for an audience profile, which ranges from youth, families, and food aficionados.”

Ms. Ruchi Sibal, Co-Founder & Director at Palate Fest adds, ‘We are happy with the grand return of Palate Fest, India's most renowned culinary extravaganza in New Delhi. We had an estimated footfall of 30,000 attendees and expecting more tomorrow. This year the festival’s scope is even larger than before.”

"Palate Fest Delhi is a celebration of India's diverse culinary heritage, where flavors from every corner of our nation create harmony showcasing the rich tapestry of our gastronomic culture. The Ministry of Tourism is delighted to support this event which establishes India as a culinary tourism destination, where a vast variety of national and international cuisines are not only available, but also blend with one another to produce a fusion of gastronomic delight.”

The extravaganza will continue for 19th November 2023 as well for a gastronomic journey like no other, where food, culture, and entertainment come together to create unforgettable memories where performance by Sameer Walizada will take place and the screening of the match final will be done on a big immersive LED screen.

We are immensely grateful to our esteemed partners who have played a pivotal role in making our event a resounding success. Veeba, our Presenting Partner, has been instrumental in shaping the event's identity. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Government of India's Ministry of Tourism, G20, and Incredible India for their unwavering support, as well as Delhi Tourism for showcasing the cultural diversity of the host city. The Times of India, our Media Partner and Ishq FM as our Radio Partner have been a vital voice in spreading the word. A special thanks to Paytm Insider for managing ticketing seamlessly and Bira for keeping the spirits high as our Cheers Partner. SCHWEPPES, our Beverage Partner, has quenched our attendees' thirst, while ICI, our Knowledge Partner, has enriched our event with valuable insights. Isuzu as mobility partner, Kotak as Banking Partner, Unlimited Greens, our Greenery Partner, and Studio Paradise, our Art Partner, have added a touch of nature and creativity to the event. Lastly, we are thankful to Yours Eventfully, our Artiste Partner, for bringing the finest talent to our stage. Together, these partners have made our event a grand success.

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