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Restaurant Review: Izumi

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11th June, 2021 09:10 IST

I had dined at Izumi’s tiny eatery (they’ve since moved to a bigger space) since no bookings were taken, had dashed there, unannounced, at 5.57pm (for dinner). During the pandemic, I got food delivered for us at home, for Japanese food buffs Viral Somaya and family, and each time it was the same verdict...

Superb attention to detail to packaging and ice packs for sushi and sashimi (most of it flown in from Japan). An amazing repertoire. Menu of Sushi, Ramen, Sashimi, Salads, Rice Bowls, Gyoza and small plates. Chef Nooresha Kably’s kitchen demonstrates impressive care — with terrific success, be it the refreshing Yuzu Salad dressing, Fish Katsu Curry with depths of flavour, its masterpieces, Hamachi Truffle Ponzu, Sashimi Salad with Crabstick, Scorched Salmon Nigari or Pork Kakuni with fried rice. Vegetarians/vegans are well taken care of. Ask for Crispy Avocado Edamame Roll, Butter Miso Veg Rice Bowls.

Impeccable credentials. Having studied in prestigious schools in Tokyo and Yokohama, the brilliant chef and co-owner Nooresha Kably perfected the craft, science and art of Edomae Sushi, traditional Washoku Cuisine and Ramen. Four years ago, she trained under sushi sensei in Japan and set up Izumi in 2018 with Anil Kably, Neale Murray and Owen Roncon.

My study trip to Japan made me fall in love with Japanese food all over again. I revel in the clear lilting pristine flavours and freshly rolled sushi. And also the opposite, the complex, layered, intense, mysterious, cooked for hours noodle soup, Ramen. All this in Izumi in Bandra where Chef Nooresha has introduced a standard in quality and Japanese dining for all to experience with a fun, informal vibe. She ensures plenty for vegetarians. On popular demand, Izumi moved to a much larger and more elegant space in Bandra with an
increased repertoire and a full bar to complete the Japanese experience. Waiting for dine in to restart by third week of June. Meanwhile, order in from Izumi...where new ideas and authenticity come together to celebrate Japanese cuisine.

Food: 4.25

Call: 8657455585 / 9820606667 (delivering all over Mumbai. Please Order direct, too)
Meal for two: Rs. 3000-Rs.4000
Address: Izumi, Sunrise Building, 24th Road, Bandra (West)

Chefs and restaurateurs, your attention please! Take part in the international ‘Special Olympics’ Pier del Sol and get international recognition. Special Olympics set up by the Kennedy family is celebrating its 25th anniversary. I get to know of it thanks to Leo and Ivy Chu, who are hailed as the ‘Godfather and Godmother of Restaurants’. As chairperson VIP committee, Ivy has been inviting more than 35 brilliant starred chefs and restaurants to set up tents for this fund raising drive. And this unique philanthropic food event has been making huge waves. It’s open to all chefs. Should anyone be interested, please mail

This lovable, philanthropic couple has built schools and set up scholarships and volunteers for hospitals, and actively promotes chefs and restaurants. During the pandemic, they’ve been picking up food from restaurants and driving and delivering it in many of their gleaming Rolls Royces. Golden-hearted food philanthropy surely gets redefined.

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