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Goa: DGP Jaspal Singh clarifies on the alleged kidnapping incidents at schools, says to not believe in rumors

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Goa DGP Jaspal Singh has issued a clarification over the alleged kidnapping incidents at school. Goa DGP on Tuesday urged everyone to not believe in rumors and no such incidents have been reported. Some schools in Goa have issued advisory on the basis of kidnapping incidents. This has created a panic among the parents and students. Clarifying over the same Goa DGP said there is no such Kidnapping trend.

In a social media post through his official handle, Goa DGP stated: "Some schools are issuing advisories on the basis of incidents of attempted kidnappings. It is clarified that no such incidents have been reported and there is no such trend. While it is important to take precaution we advise all to not believe in rumours as they might cause panic."

Further, Goa DGP said that to take precautions is important but there is no need to panic over the rumours. As per one of the local media reports, a kidnapping incident was foiled in one school and since then parents in the area of Goa's Vitthalapuri, Sankhali are panicking and are in fear.

Parents are urging the government to look into the matter and tighten the security in schools to avoid any such incident from happening. As reported by the local media, some parents have even expressed fear in sending their students to schools. Some ofthe schools have also issued guidelines and advisory regarding the matter. Considering such panic among the parents and others, Goa DGP has issued an official statement today.

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