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7 Habits of highly effective Hyderabadis: Top cop Swati Lakra gives us a peek of the habits that make her a role model

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Working towards a better version of yourself in 2022? We bring you inspiration from some very inspiring Hyderabadis. Top cop and boss lady Swati Lakra gives us a peek into the habits that make her a role model.

1. I’m obssessed with punctuality. Wherever I go, I make sure that I’m on time and I expect the same from others. It’s a good way to instill a sense of discipline.

2. I make sure to dedicate a part of my day for exercise . It improves physical and mental well-being and raises happiness quotient. I take time out to go for a walk or a run every day.

3. I try to talk to my elderly parents every single day, no matter how busy I may be. As you grow older, your parents need you more and even a two-minute phone call can light up their day. I make sure to spend as much time as possible with them.

4. When my children are talking to me, I drop everything else and listen to them. Truly listen. They’re teens, and it may look like they don’t need me now. But they do. Listening is key to any relationship.

5. No mobile phones in the house while eating — that’s a rule (smiles)! It’s hard to be without our phones, but we don’t allow phones at the dining table, whether it’s at home or if we go out for a meal.

6. As a leader at my work place, I like to hear everyone out. I do have my opinions but I like to make the whole team feel like they are part of what we are doing together. When they feel like they are a part of it, they deliver better results.

7. I try to take at least one holiday every year. It’s important to switch off from work sometimes and do things that make you happy.

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