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A treasure hunt on wheels

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The Times Of India
05th March, 2019 15:35 IST
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A day full of jubilation and excitement, is what the 12th edition of ‘War on Wheels’ was like. About 400 contestants participated in making their way to triumph at the car treasure hunt organised by the Leo Club of Indore on Sunday. Participants drove through the city to solve 20 clues within 3 hours of the time given.
The venue also witnessed a flea market with major attractions like stand up comedy, beat boxing, etc.

Even the oppressive heat couldn’t snag the zest and vitality of participants. President of the Leo Club of Indore, Vatsal Parikh quoted, “The zeal and enthusiasm among the contenders was commendable”. The participants turned up with their groups dressed according to their impressive choice of themes. The colourful hunt ended with the title distribution like Best Dressed, Best Decorated Car, Best Team Name and Best meme. A unique part of this hunt was, solutions to the clues were distributed around the city in such a way that it made a ‘WOW’ on the map of Indore.

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