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A walkathon to create awareness on Parkinson's Disease

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The Times Of India
29th April, 2019 14:37 IST
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Neurosurgeons and physicians joined hands recently, to spread awareness around Parkinson's Disease in the city. The awareness campaign held was to help people learn how they can get involved and reaching out to the public.

Parkinson’s disease which is a progressive neurological condition which affects a person’s movement and in which nerve cells that deliver the neurotransmitter dopamine to other cells are reduced in numbers. As cell death spreads to ever larger parts of the brain more centers are affected. This results in an aggravation of motor and non-motor disorders. Following a reduction in dopamine levels there are many non-motor symptoms which can precede the onset of motor Parkinson's disease for many years.

"This awareness event aims in part, to make more people understand the severity of these symptoms,” says Dr. Sanjeev C C, Senior Neurologist, Movement Disorder Specialist and Senior Consultant at a city hospital who urges to people to take all the symptoms associated with it very seriously.

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