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Activists ask for better bus services post relaxation

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The Times Of India
17th May, 2020 19:45 IST

With partial relaxation, and workplaces and opportunities for work opening up, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation ( BMTC ) has made the announcement to restart bus services. This move was welcomed by citizen activists as it would enable this population without private vehicles to work again. However, there were some recommendations made by many regarding the services.

BMTC's intention to avoid accepting cash for ticketing whenever possible and switch to UPI payments and issuance of weekly passes to minimise physical contact between bus personnel and passengers. Activists rue that with many who have lost their jobs, or are working at reduced or uncertain wages, buying a week’s pass in advance would still be a challenge. "Hence, cash payment for daily tickets is likely to remain the mainstay for most commuters. It is important to provide alternative contactless payment options wherever possible. However, equal attention and priority should be accorded to making cash payments for tickets feasible and safe for
commuters and conductors," says an activist from Bengaluru Bus Prayanikara Vedike who adds that their team have listed out a set of recommendations and shared it with BMTC.

The recommendations include asking BMTC to deploy its full sleet and re-plan bus routes for better mobility. "BMTC must provide all drivers, conductors, mechanics and all other workers with necessary safety equipment(masks, gloves, sanitisers, PPE if required), health coverage worth 1 crore. BMTC must also discuss with workers what they need and ensure that their health needs are not compromised," he adds.

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