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LSP chief Raj Kumar Saini to contest assembly polls from Naraingarh

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The Times Of India
10th August, 2019 19:34 IST

AMBALA: As part of his statewide Rath Yatra, the Loktanter Suraksha Party (LSP) chief Raj Kumar Saini on Saturday visited Naraingarh constituency, where he announced that he will contest assembly elections from this seat.

Saini also alleged that during the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) tenure, there has been a mining scam worth thousands of crores in Haryana.

Travelling in a specially-modified bulletproof bus, Saini visited around a dozen of villages in Naraingarh constituency of Ambala district .

While addressing a public gathering, the former Kurukshetra Member of Parliament (MP) Raj Kumar Saini attacked the Manohar Lal Khattar government, giving hints that there are no possibilities of him returning back to BJP.

Saini said, "BJP had lied to the people of Haryana on the issue of reservation, resulting in violence in the state and an amount of Rs 20 crore was paid to execute it. BJP came into power with 154 promises but they have forgotten all of them.”

Alleging a mining scam worth thousands of crores during the BJP rule, Saini said, “In the BJP tenure, a mining scam worth Rs 50,000 crore has been committed and several white-collar people are involved in this scam. Four accused have been arrested.”

Further commenting on the past chief ministers of Haryana, Saini said, “In the last 50 years, chief ministers from the same caste have governed the state. From Bhajan Lal to Hooda, all of them were from the same community.”

"Bishnoi is not a caste but a community, and people of every race are part of this community. Bhajan Lal remained chief minister after portraying himself as a Bishnoi, whereas, the caste of Hooda and Bhajan Lal is same. If it is not so, I will retire from politics," said Raj Kumar Saini.

Reacting to Saini’s claim, former deputy chief minister Chander Mohan Bishnoi said, “Let Saini speak what he had to speak, I will not comment on his statements.”

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