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Manohar Lal Khattar asks farmers to focus on qualitative and quantitative farming

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The Times Of India
11th June, 2021 20:28 IST

CHANDIGARH: Haryana chief minister, Manohar Lal Khattar on Friday urged upon the farmers that they should focus on doing qualitative and quantitative farming.

“Adopting qualitative and quantitative farming is the need of the hour and in view of the present circumstances, farmers have to move ahead in the agriculture sector only by accepting the challenge of providing quality. Also, if farmers wish to increase their income, then they have to move towards natural farming,” said Khattar

The Chief Minister said this while addressing the progressive farmers of Haryana who were present in a one-day agriculture workshop organized in Panchkula . On this occasion, the chief minister also launched Khushal Horticulture Portal and a booklet containing information related to post-harvest management.

In this workshop organized by the Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Department on the subject of doubling farmers' income and crop diversification, Gujarat Governor, Acharya Devvrat, Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker, Gian Chand Gupta, Power Minister, Ranjit Singh and State Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, J.P Dalal were also present.

Khattar called upon the progressive farmers to give training to 10 more farmers every year. With this, the number of progressive farmers will increase manifold in the next two to three years..

He said that if there is agriculture then there is the industrial and service sector too can run in a successful manner. The better the quality in agriculture and the production of minerals, the more it will be beneficial for society, he added. He said that this will bring a new revolution in the agriculture sector and farmers will play a major role in boosting the health standards of the people.

The CM said that there was a time when there was a need for Green Revolution; though the State Government has established new dimensions in the production of food grains, however at the same time by adopting these dimensions we have reduced the fertility of the land by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

“According to the present time, we have to change, for this not only the fertile power of agricultural land will have to be increased but also we have to be aware of water conservation too,” said Khattar .

Talking about tube well connections, he said that the farmers have to move towards micro-irrigation. Farmers should think in this direction. For this, 85 percent of the subsidy is given by the government.

He said that the government has made a comprehensive plan to test the soil of every field. Soil health cards for every acre will be made under this scheme. In this, students will be able to earn while they learn. The students will be provided Rs 40 per sample for collecting the soil samples.

Acharya Devvrat share the technique of natural farming

While addressing the participants at the workshop, Gujarat governor, Acharya Devvrat stressed the usefulness of natural farming and said that by keeping one local breed cow, we can do natural farming on 30 acres of agricultural land.

He said that there is no question of reducing production due to natural farming. Giving an example of natural farming being done in 200 acres farm of Kurukshetra Gurukul, he said that this has not only increasesd the production but has also ensured more price than the market.

He said that conservation of water, land and environment is possible through natural farming and it is also possible to increase the income of the farmer. Along with this, people's life will also be healthy by using crops grown from natural farming. He also provided a free self-written book containing information about natural farming techniques to 100 farmers.

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